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Todd Bryant brings with him years of radio experience going back to his teen years. He’s a southern Illinois native and has worked in various markets such as Peoria and Hattiesburg, Mississippi as well as many years right here in southern Illinois. Todd brings to the Wake Up Zone a positive attitude and a fresh start to the morning with high energy, entertainment news, 5 After Laughter, the Q106 Birthday Bash, requests and giveaways and great Classic Hits. Todd began his time with the Dana Communications Family in January of 2019.

We asked Todd, “What are some things people may not know about you?”

  • I love to do karaoke.
  • I am a licensed sports official in Illinois for basketball, football, softball, and baseball.
  • I have a few card tricks that amaze a few people.
  • I love going to Vegas, but I am not much of a gambler.
  • I love trying new craft beers.
  • My ‘feel good’ song is Mmm Bop by Hanson.
  • Fun Fact — Hanson brews their own craft beer & call it Mmm Hops.
  • Embarrassing Fact — When I enjoy a Mmm Hops, I play Mmm Bop just a little bit too loud.
  • I am an active Fantasy Sports participant.

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