Big Jake

Big Jake

    What up, Southern Illinois! I’m Big Jake and I take care of you on 107.3 FM from 6-10am every Sunday morning during The Sunday Sermon.

    Little background on me: my family moved from Illinois to Indiana and then back to Illinois in the first 5 years of my life.

    We lived in Salem for a year and then moved into the house I called “Home” for the next 16 years.
    I started 2nd grade at South Central Schools in Kinmundy, where I would stay all the way through high school. GO COUGARS!

    I worked, some in radio, some in a few other places during my time at Kaskaskia College to get my Associate of Arts degree while I decided what in THE HECK I wanted to do with my life.

    I always had a passion for Sports Broadcasting and was a talk radio weirdo even as a kid, so after KC I made the decision to go to Southern Illinois University in Carbondale.
    The Dirty Dale treated me pretty well and I left there with great radio experience between some campus programs and part-time radio gigs in 2016.

    I started at Withers Broadcasting/Dana Communication in October of 2017 and love being close to home again. I look forward to helping WBC/Dana Comm./W3D as well as the listening area grow in any way I can while I get the opportunity to be employed here.

    Radio people tend to be long-winded so I’ll shut up for now and we can get back to partying every day on the radio.

    Fun fact(s):

    1. I was born in Ketchikan, Alaska….not even kidding, you can ask my Mom.

      Want more fun facts about me?  Just listen every Sunday morning!