More Jeopardy Hosts Announced

The shoes of Alex Trebek will be hard to fill… for now, we have several guest hosts lined up to host Jeopardy. Katie Couric and Aaron Rodgers were previously announced as guest hosts, and now we also know that Mayim Bialik from “The Big Bang Theory” and Bill Whitaker from “60 Minutes” are joining the…read more

Could No Time To Die Be Pushed Back Again?

When will theaters and music venues be able to reopen? Dr. Fauci said a few days ago that depending on the progress of the vaccines, music venues and theaters should be able to reopen in “early to mid-fall”. So what does that mean for the big movies that are set to release BEFORE the fall?…read more

Lord of The Rings TV Show Being Forged

Okay, well not really FORGED, but it sounds cool, right? But yes, Amazon is dropping A BILLION DOLLARS on a Lord of the Rings TV show! Here’s what Amazon has to say about it- “[It] brings to screens for the very first time the heroic legends of the fabled Second Age of Middle-earth’s history .…read more

Tom Holland Shed A “Scary Amount Of Weight” For Role

Cherry is a film that will be hitting theaters late February. The film is starring Tom Holland, or at least 3/4 of him. He literally shed almost a quarter of his body weight to play the role of a drug addict. Joe Russo, one of the directors of the film said quote, “They shredded themselves…read more

Deadpool 3 Confirmed; Will Be Rated “R”

A few things we now know about Deadpool 3: it’s happening, it’s now a part of the Marvel Cinematic Universe, filming won’t start until 2022, and it will have an “R” rating. The future of Deadpool hasn’t been very clear but it appears we are starting to get some answers. When Disney acquired Fox in…read more

TV Line Rates Series Finales of 2020 gave 25 series that ended in 2020 a letter grading. I’m assuming they used an A-F scale, but no series ended up with a D or F. Here’s a few of the series that they rated: 13 Reasons Why received a B-.  I personally watched the series and I can agree that B- is…read more

Your Favorite Show Might Be Ending

The Hollywood Reporter has a list of TV shows that have PLANNED endings in 2021. Is one of your favorites on this list? Atypical- A show that I personally love that is on Netflix will end after four seasons. Better Call Saul– this is one I know a lot of people enjoy; will end after six…read more