Darius Rucker Shares Sweet Moment With Fan on TikTok

Darius Rucker Shares Sweet Moment With Fan on TikTok

More proof that Darius Rucker is a good man.

The “Beers and Sunshine” star shared on TikTok last week a video of his reactions to a fan, Chelsey, who sought to ash Rucker if he would dedicate a song to her late father during an upcoming show in Virginia August 27, her dad’s birthday.

“For those who don’t know, my dad passed away about seven months ago due to COVID/pneumonia, and I was wondering, Darius, if maybe that night you could dedicate one song to to my father?” Chelsey asked in a video posted May 27. “My mom and I will be there, and this will leave her absolutely speechless.”

Rucker shared his smiling heartfelt reactions as she shared photos and asked for the tribute, captioning within the video, ““I love this!!!,” “I’d love to meet you and your mom at the show,” and “Your dad sounds like an awesome guy.”

In Darius’ post, he captioned a message to her, “See you and your mom next week in Virginia!”

WATCH the video below:

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