Niko Moon & Wife Anna Expecting First Child

Niko Moon & Wife Anna Expecting First Child

It’s a “GOOD TIME” for Niko Moon and his wife, Anna.

The singer announced on social media Tuesday that he and his wife are expecting their first child, a girl, in November after attempting to begin a family for two years.

“I am meant to be a father,” Moon told CMT in an interview. “I am so grateful that we’re having a baby girl. It’s been a really long process. My wife has a rare genetic condition called hereditary leiomyomatosis [HLRCC]. It took two years of getting that figured out, so we could have a baby.”

According to, HLRCC is a hereditary condition associated with the development of multiple leiomyomas (smooth muscle tumors) in the skin and uterus (fibroids) as well as an aggressive form of kidney cancer. Women with HLRCC can develop uterine fibroids as young as their teens or early 20s.

“One to 200 women in the world have this, and it makes you very prone to cancer,” Moon continued. “She had about nine tumors that were growing inside of her uterus. So, she had surgery to remove all the tumors.Then she needed to do IVF. So, we did three rounds of IVF. She could fill up this box with all the needles she injected herself with. So, the respect level for my wife could not be higher. What she has gone through to make this a reality for our family is massive.”

Moon said the two will name their daughter Lily Anne Moon, with Anne inspired by the middle names of their moms, and Lily, because of a shared love for lilies.