Jimmie Allen Skips Awards to Perform Charity Event

Jimmie Allen Skips Awards to Perform Charity Event

Jimmie Allen may have stood-up the Billboard Music Awards (BMAs), but it was for a wholesome reason.

Ahead of his SESEC celebration for his number one hits “Make Me Want To” and “Freedom Was a Highway,” Allen shared that he wanted to honor a prior commitment of performing for a charity event in New Jersey, the Concert for Hope, rather than perform at the BMAs.

“I have this firm belief that when you make a commitment to do something, show up,” Allen said “Long story short, I’d agreed to do this charity event for this car dealership in New Jersey on Sunday. It was the same day as the Billboard Awards. I had an opportunity to be at the Billboard Awards, and I’m really sitting there like, ‘Man, do I cancel this charity?’ I canceled it last year, ’cause my daughter was born. I’m like, ‘Man, do I cancel it, and go do the Billboard Awards? It would be great for my career, or do I still do this?’”

After a day, the CMA and ACM New Artist of the Year said he stuck to his original commitment and a surprise immediately followed with Carrie Underwood’s Denim & Rhinestones Tour.

“It was probably one of the best decisions that I’ve made just because I got to see the organization that benefited, and all the people that were there,” Allen said. “But literally the same day I passed on the Billboard opportunity and agreed to do the charity show, the Carrie tour offer came in that same day. It’s crazy. I tell people, ‘Always try to do the right thing.’ […] My decision to do the right thing was made before that, but it’s great how life can reward you sometimes for doing the right thing.”

Allen will join Underwood as the opener for every stop of the tour stretching from October to March 2023. His new album Tulip Drive is due for release June 24.