Best Screen play of the 21st Century

The Writers Guild of America have released their list of the “best screenplays” of the 21st century.
It looks like I have a lot of movies I need to see.

Here are the top ten. Find a link to the full list at the bottom of the page!

1.  “Get Out”,  2017

2.  “Eternal Sunshine of the Spotless Mind”,  2004

3.  “The Social Network”,  2010

4.  “Parasite”,  2019

5.  “No Country for Old Men”,  2007

6.  “Moonlight”,  2016

7.  “There Will Be Blood”,  2007

8.  “Inglourious Basterds”,  2009

9.  “Almost Famous”,  2000

10.  “Memento”,  2000