Williamson County Judicial Orders to Become Digital

Williamson County Judicial Orders to Become Digital

MARION – Williamson County Circuit Clerk Justin Maze said starting Thursday, Judicial Orders will be delivered electronically.

Maze said he is progressing toward making his office paperless and operations more cost-effective.

“There is no need to waste paper, postage and work hours to mail the orders when we can simply email them to the appropriate parties,” Maze said. “This is the beginning of a long process to re-organize and streamline this office to go paperless while increasing efficiencies and cost-effectiveness.”

Maze said that the change to send Judicial Orders electronically should save taxpayers an estimated $15,000 per year.

“Delivering Judicial Orders electronically is a win for taxpayers,” Maze said. “It is also a win for everyone who has a court case in Williamson County. This is because now, plaintiffs and defendants will be receiving the judicial orders pertaining to their case in real time. Going paperless makes good sense. It will save time and money.”