Luke Combs Opens Up About Anxiety With Dan Rather

Luke Combs Opens Up About Anxiety With Dan Rather

As a featured guest on an upcoming episode of The Big Interview with Dan Rather, Luke Combs opened up about personal struggles with anxiety.

In a video teaser, the country superstar talks about struggling with anxiety since middle school and how he’s learned to cope with Purely Obsessional OCD.

“It’ll be something about my health. I’ll be worried that I’m about to have a heart attack or a stroke,” he said. “It becomes this very obsessive thing that you literally can never have an answer to. That’s the awful part of it. You have to teach yourself to become comfortable with the fact that you’ll never get an answer and that it is a super uncertain thing.”

He noted learning about himself and the moments of struggled have helped him.

“Sometimes that’s tough, but it’s something that you learn about yourself, and arming yourself with the knowledge of exactly what’s going on is the most important thing, I’ve found.”

WATCH the clip below: