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Meet Daisy

Daisy is a 7 year old 68lb Belgian Shepherd. Poor Daisy spent her early life on a chain in a back yard. She had little opportunity to learn the manners that most dogs learn just from being in a house.

Daisy has been adopted 3 times and sadly, returned every time. The first time her family moved and decided not to take her along for the adventure. The second time, her family left her at a high-kill shelter because they no longer wanted her. The shelter scanned her for a microchip and thankfully called PCHS. We went right up North to pick her up!
Daisy was adopted a third time and returned to us in December 2018 because she kept getting out of her owner’s fenced in yard.

She’s had a rough way to go, but we will not give up trying to find a perfect home for her!

Daisy came back to PCHS not trusting everyone and needs to take it slow with some folks so she can feel comfortable with you.

If you are patient and feel Daisy will be the perfect side kick for you then come and visit with her. It may take a few visits but I PROMISE YOU…it will be worth it. When she loves, she LOVES HARD AND WILL BE LOYAL!

Daisy is a bit of an escape artist and needs to be monitored outside at all times!

However, as with any Shepherd, she is about as smart and as trainable as they come. She was recently treated with a spa day and has made a complete physical transformation and is looking marvelous! She is scheduled for monthly grooming appointments, so she will continue to look as beautiful as she really is underneath all of that fur!

Please research this breed before adopting. While they are highly intelligent and have the learning capacity beyond almost any other breed it is in their genetics to think independently. They require a lot of exercise and mental stimulation beyond throwing a ball around in the back yard. You can research this breed by visiting They do make wonderful family companions and are great with children and other animals.

Please know that if you come to meet any of the dogs at our facility, they may be excited to see you and extra active. Many times, this is not a true picture of how they may act in a warm, safe home setting. We, as volunteers, often take our shelter dogs on home visits and they become calm and act like completely different animals. This pertains to potty habits and demeanor. Please realize that they need a chance to shine out of the shelter setting!

Please call us at 618-542-DOGS(3647) or if you have any specific questions about Daisey, please email the shelter volunteer at or go to to apply.