Brandy Clark, ‘Love Can Go to Hell’ [Listen]

Brandy Clark, ‘Love Can Go to Hell’ [Listen]

Brandy Clark‘s “Love Can Go to Hell” plays upon a double meaning to get to one stark conclusion: love sometimes sucks.

Of course, the singer and her co-writer Scott Stepakoff say it more gracefully. “Love Can Go to Hell” is a sharp lyric packaged inside a soft, understated country arrangement. Clark is a remarkable storyteller, and she takes ownership of this forlorn love story. It’s clear there are a few who’ve shattered her heart.

“Girl Next Door” and several others on Clark’s album of the same name are immediate sensory shots. “Love Can Go to Hell” is a slow burn that you’ll need to fall for in time. For the first time she’s featured as a pure vocalist. It’s a new way to look at her, even if it’s less dramatic.

Did You Know?: Clark had the song title and suggested it to co-writer Scott Stepakoff. She heard it as “love can fall apart” and he heard it as “love, you can go to hell.” The singer says that is the magic of that song.

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