Brantley Gilbert, ‘The Weekend’

Brantley Gilbert, ‘The Weekend’

Brantley Gilbert is getting his fans ready for a big blowout with his latest single, “The Weekend.”

Gilbert was one of the architects of the style that came to be known as “bro-country,” writing songs like “My Kinda Party” and “Kick It in the Sticks.” Those kinds of party tracks, exploring themes of trucks, pretty girls and partying in rural settings, helped pave the way for the success of some of the biggest acts in county music, and while Gilbert has departed from that formula for many subsequent releases, he’s right back in that wheelhouse with “The Weekend.”

Musically, the track juxtaposes a dance-y beat with electronic handclaps, a banjo and heavy guitars for a prototypical party anthem that’s ready made for exactly what Gilbert intended: to blast full-volume in the truck while partying with your friends, exactly as the lyrics describe.

“Live it up for the weekend / Pull it up, have the time of your life / Take a shot for the regrets / Double up and it’s bound to get double wild,” he sings in the chorus.

The track is topped off by a big, loud, flashy guitar solo that wouldn’t be out of place on a classic ’80s metal song. Add Gilbert’s signature voice and you’ve got a song that’s custom-made for a summer release, and a perfect addition to Gilbert’s ultra-energetic live shows.

Photo Source: YouTube Screen Capture