Murphysboro Allowing New Vehicles on City Streets



Murphysboro residents will be seeing some new vehicles on their city streets. Starting today the city of Murphysboro will be offering permits for Low Speed Vehicles such as golf carts. Anyone wishing to obtain a permit will first visit the Murphysboro police department to see if their Low Speed Vehicle meets requirements. The vehicle owner will then need to pay a $60 fee at the town’s administration building. Low Speed Vehicles will not be allowed on any state highways in Murphysboro but they are allowed to cross any State Routes.

According to a Facebook post from Mayor Will Stephens the requirements for a Low Speed Vehicle permit are as follows:

– Proof of current Liability Insurance
– Must have current valid Illinois Drivers License
– Must be 21 years of age
– Must have functioning brakes
– Rear View Mirror
– Red Reflector on Front and Rear
– Slow Moving emblem on rear
– Headlights
– Tail Lights
– Brake Lights
– Turn Signals
– Seat Belts
– Windshield