Miranda Lambert Working On New Music

Miranda Lambert Working On New Music

You may have noticed Miranda Lambert has been keeping a low profile for the last year or so. Not to worry; she says it’s only because she’s been working on new music. Her most recent album, Platinum, was released in 2014.

In Miranda’s own words, “I really have worked since last summer like just writing and recording and so no one’s more excited than me to have something new and kind of like show off what I’ve been doing. I know I’ve kind of been not around but I’ve been around you know, so I’m getting really close.”

As far as when fans can expect new music from the country star, Miranda says, “Hopefully mid-summer to have some music people can hear. It’s been a really cool journey because I live in Nashville for the last year almost now and I’ve been able to write so much more than I had before just not being on the road constantly and moving from Oklahoma all my friends here are songwriters so we were either hanging out and accidentally wrote a song or we had it set up, so I probably wrote like five days a week for five months straight and it was great. I feel like I really grew as a songwriter, so, yes, it’s on the way soon, soon!

With new music possibly out this summer, fingers crossed for a new album will follow soon.

Photo Credit: YouTube Screen Capture