Kristen Stewart On Why She Turned Down The Huntsman


During a recent interview with Variety, Kristen Stewart opened up about her time with the Twilight films, and revealed why she didn’t sign on for The Huntsman: Winter’s War:

On re-inventing herself after Twilight: “I didn’t carve out some path. I didn’t fight hard to be taken seriously. As much as the ‘Twilight’ series shaped and defined me for other people in a grand way, for me it wasn’t something I had to get away from. It was just a long experience on a movie that I liked.”

On the Twilight sequels: “The next ones, we were trying to satisfy something that was less specific. There was a fear that drove why we were there. There wasn’t a cohesiveness. I think they ended up OK, because there was still individual passion. They are a little splattered against the wall — but they are trying.”

On why she turned down The Huntsman: “I read a few scripts. None of them were good. None of them were greenlight-able. And I had a meeting with Universal about the places where the story could go. Maybe Chris was more into it. I actually don’t fucking know. It wasn’t a situation where I got kicked off a movie because I got in trouble. We had been in talks months after that about making something work, and it never came together.“