Blake Shelton, ‘Savior’s Shadow’ [Listen]

Blake Shelton, ‘Savior’s Shadow’ [Listen]

Fans have not seen this side of Blake Shelton. In “Savior’s Shadow,” the singer proclaims his unconditional faith in God. It’s a simple gospel song set to strings.

The arrangement is more sparse than any song Shelton has ever released to radio. The drummer stays home on this track from If I’m Honest. “Savior’s Shadow” is not a country single — his label is introducing it to fans and Christian radio stations first. One struggles to think of a song like this ballad that has found mainstream success over the last decade, but that’s no why Shelton wanted to write or record it.

“Savior’s Shadow” is perhaps more personal than “Came Here to Forget,” a song that tells of the end of one relationship and another that begins. Here the vocalist shows all of his vulnerabilities, revealing a man who is still very rooted in his faith and raising. That’s counter to who he appears to be on television and Twitter, but no less honest.

Did You Know?: The first verse of Shelton’s “Savior’s Shadow” came to him in a dream last summer. He wrote it with Jessi Alexander and Jon Randall.

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