Downey Jr and Chadwick Boseman Talk Captain America: Civil War

civil war

Thanks to Superhero Hype, we have an interview with Captain America: Civil War stars Robert Downey Jr and Chadwick Boseman who make up part of “Team Iron Man”.

Robert Downey Jr talks Tony Stark on the side of control and oversight: “I think what’s interesting is not so much that he’s looking for more control but that he’s saying that as a group of individuals we all require a little bit more supervision than we might imagine. And that for me was just a really straight line, because I don’t like words coming out of a character’s mouth that I adore because not only is he a little bit duplicitous but he’s kind of practical in the way he thinks, and he thinks in terms of everyone’s humanity and how quickly we can go against what we think we meant when we said it or what we believe.”

Chadwick Boseman on reading the history of Black Panther: “I’ve just tried to read them all. Not like it’s really work. Don’t get me wrong — it is work, but it’s just sort of reading them like a kid, you know? Because when you just read it like it’s work, you’re just trying to get through it. So I think it’s putting yourself in that mind frame to go through the mythology in a fun way. All of the writers have come up with different aspects of who he is. So you could take different things from each one, and they don’t contradict each other necessarily. The principals and essence of who he is are still there. He’s a little cooler in some of them. In Christopher Priest’s version, he doesn’t trust anybody. All of it is good stuff to use. There’s a sense of him searching for himself in some of the ones in the ’80s, which I think is really good.”