Hear a New Song From the Cadillac Three, ‘Soundtrack to a Six Pack’

Hear a New Song From the Cadillac Three, ‘Soundtrack to a Six Pack’

It’s been nearly four years since the Cadillac Three have put out a full-length project, but the wait will soon be over. Following January’s release of “Graffiti,” the first single from their forthcoming live vinyl album, the band known for their grungy Southern rock riffs and scruffy aesthetic have debuted “Soundtrack to a Six Pack,” a hard-rocking, hard-partying tune.

The premise of “Soundtrack to a Six Pack” is pretty self-explanatory: Not only is the song the perfect soundtrack for throwing back a few beers (or moonshine), it’s also a sort of playlist within a song, complete with shout-outs to the Charlie Daniels Band, ZZ Top’s Billy Gibbons and Bachman Turner Overdrive. Mostly, though, it’s a celebration of all things Southern.

“We say ‘yes, sir,’ ‘no, ma’am,’ love Charlie Daniels Band, whiskey from the bottle, beer from a cold can / I drive a Ford truck, he drives a Chevy / Mine’s Mean Green, his, Black Betty,” TC3 sing. “Yeah, we’re Southern by birth, Southern by choice, one nation under God, Southern by voice.”

Press play below to hear “Soundtrack to a Six Pack.”

According to Rolling Stone, Ben Cashatt — a Nashville musician and tour manager for Bang Bang Bang, an early iteration of the Cadillac Three — accidentally coined the title phrase of “Soundtrack to a Six Pack” after hearing the band play in Nashville in 2012.

“They wanted to know what I thought of their new stuff, and I said, ‘Man, I think it sounds like the soundtrack to a 12 pack,’” Cashatt recalls. “Neil [Mason] and Jaren [Johnston] immediately looked at each other with sparks in their eyes and said, ‘Did you just coin that? That definitely needs to be a song.’”

In the four years since the release of their self-titled major-label debut record, the Cadillac Three have maintained an insanely busy touring schedule, and frontman Johnston has continued his work as a songwriter. Johnston penned “Soundtrack to a Six Pack” with Cashatt and drummer Mason, cutting the booze in the title in half to “make the song more relatable.”

No additional details about the trio’s still-untitled album have been revealed, but the band’s label, Big Machine, says it’s coming by the end of 2016.

Listen to the Cadillac Three, “Soundtrack to a Six Pack”:

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