Justin Moore Prefers Traditional Country

Justin Moore Prefers Traditional Country

Justin Moore has been working on a new album and he’s a fan and singer of more traditional sounding country music. The singer said that the last few years have presented a challenge when it comes to finding songs that fit his sound.

Justin stated, “I’m kind of the end of the old regime that still wears a cowboy hat, still loves country, country music, and that’s not a knock against any other style.”

Moore agreed that today’s country is successful for a reason because people like it, but it’s not what he naturally does. “Without a doubt the most difficult thing is trying to maintain relevance in recording songs that fit today’s climate but also trying to stay true to what’s gotten us to this point in our career which is more traditional-leaning music.”

The country singer and his wife, Kate, are currently building a new home in Arkansas on the same land that Justin grew up on in Poyen.

Photo Credit: YouTube Screen Capture