Kenny Chesney has Stopped Drinking Alcohol (on tour)

Kenny Chesney has Stopped Drinking Alcohol (on tour)

KENNY CHESNEY is 47 years old and still insanely fit.  Yes, he’s still eating boring chicken breasts and working out all the time.  But he also decided to quit drinking alcohol while on tour last summer, and it paid dividends.

He tells “GQ” quote, “I didn’t drink out on the road, which might surprise some people.  I felt better on stage than I’ve ever felt.  I wasn’t feeding my body negative things.  When I was 27, I didn’t have to make those decisions.  Now I do.”

He still eases off when the tour is over, so he doesn’t lose his mind.  Quote, “I give myself a break for two or three months to do whatever I want.  My body needs it.”

And then after the holidays, he’s back on it.  Quote, “I train hard starting the first week in January.  I’m pretty tunnel-vision:  I know what it takes to do what my body wants when I get up on stage.”

You can check out Kenny’s weekly workout routine and his show-day diet at  Or, you can crack open a cold one and listen to his music….whichever. 😉

(Photo: screenshot from youtube video)