COUNTRY DIRT: Ms Loretta, Ashley Monroe, and Chesney-Manning Connections!

COUNTRY DIRT: Ms Loretta, Ashley Monroe, and Chesney-Manning Connections!

SAM HUNT went to Peyton Manning’s quarterback camp when he was in high school.  Even better, he got to meet him a couple of years ago at a KENNY CHESNEY concert.  Quote, “It was pretty cool to be on stage with two people who inspired me in two different arenas.  Peyton with football and Kenny with music.”

DIERKS BENTLEY is getting his own exhibit at the Country Music Hall of Fame.  “Dierks Bentley:  Every Mile a Memory,” opens March 4th and runs through September 6th.  He says, quote, “It’s crazy to be considered for something like this.   “Just being in the building as a visitor is humbling, but to be featured in one of the exhibits is something I never would’ve believed if you’d suggested it when I started chasing this dream.”   If you’re interested, check out

ASHLEY MONROE’s “The Blade” has a Grammy nomination for Best Country Album, and believe it or not, it’s her first-ever nomination as a solo artist.  And that includes country music awards.  Quote, “As a solo artist I’ve never been nominated for an award from country music awards or anything.  So to get it from the Grammys the first time, it was like a sigh of relief.”

ERIC PASLAY is pulling for Peyton Manning on Sunday, but it’s not a loyalty thing.  Quote, “I tend to root for the underdog, and he kind of is right now, because [people] are like, ‘Well, he’s old.’  But he’s not really that old.  But [mostly] he seems like a guy who’ll share good wisdom with kids down the road and maybe winning the Super Bowl when he’s old would be a cool story to hear.”

When it comes to Sunday’s Super Bowl, CHASE RICE will be rooting for everyone.  First of all, he’s a huge PEYTON MANNING fan.  Quote, “I love who he is as a person, love his character, and love his passion for the game.”  But Chase is from North Carolina, AND one of his old friends used to play for the Panthers, so he can’t root against them.  So, he’s backing everyone.  Quote, “Lucky for me, I get a win-win situation.  If the Broncos win, I’m happy for Peyton.   “If the Panthers win, then we finally brought a Super Bowl home to Carolina.”

LORETTA LYNN is sharing a new song called Who’s Gonna Miss Me?.  It’s one of the tracks from her album “Full Circle”, which is out March 4th.  The album also features guest performances from Willie Nelson and Elvis Costello.

(Photo: screenshot from youtube video)