Kip Moore Interview Gives Some Insights

Kip Moore Interview Gives Some Insights is previewing KIP MOORE’s new song Magic.  It’s a love song that didn’t start out that way when he began writing it.  He says, quote, “I kind of got to thinking about the way love is constantly described on the radio as this fairytale and how that just isn’t real.  I’ve never really believed anybody who’s singing about that stuff.”
But even cynics fall in love, right?  The deeper he got into it, the more he realized he could take it in a different direction:  Quote “We spun it to where I’m finally feeling it, that magic, and wanting to believe it’s real, and not slip away.”

Now… In a different interview Kip was asked if he has a favorite country love song.  He does.  It’s the MERLE HAGGARDJANIE FRICKE 1984 classic, A Place To Fall Apart.  Classic… well played Kip.

You can pre-order the release now! Pre-order ‘Wild Ones’ now:

(Photo: screenshot from youtube video)