State Agencies Covering More Than Half of Gov. Rauner’s Staff Pay

(AP) Gov. Bruce Rauner promised a leaner and more transparent administration. But the Republican is rigorously following his predecessors’ practice of paying staff members from other departments. An Associated Press analysis shows half the salaries – about $4 million a year – for people who do work for the governor’s office comes from other agencies. Critics like Democratic Rep. John Bradley of Marion say the practice allows a governor to “off-shore” salaries to other sources. AP’s analysis showed about 90 people listed as governor’s employees making $7.8 million. Half that money comes from at least 18 other agencies. The Rauner administration says it’s only $3 million – less than former Gov. Pat Quinn’s off-shoring. And aides to the Republican say employees paid by other agencies do work for those agencies.