Elkville Man Arrested After Wild Night

Grant Choate of Elkville is behind bars after allegedly stealing a first-responders vehicle and crashing it into a police cruiser while trying to escape from police. According to a report from the Jackson County Sheriff’s Office, Choate stole the vehicle after an incident at the Veteran’s Tavern in Dowell in which he hit someone with a shovel after throwing bricks and chairs at on-lookers. Choate stole the vehicle and drove to a gas-station to fill up, and when he saw police arrive on scene, he took off and ripped the nozzle from the gas pump, before making his way to Carbondale and striking a cruiser head on leading to his arrest. Choate is in custody. The condition of both the officer driving the Carbondale Police Cruiser and the man Choate hit with a shovel are unknown at this time.