Democrats and Union Leaders Unimpressed by Gov. Rauner’s Proposed Pension Overhaul

(AP) An Illinois House panel is raising questions about constitutionality and collective bargaining rights outlined in a pension overhaul proposed by Republican Gov. Bruce Rauner. Rauner’s administration released a 400-plus page proposal last week it deemed “fair” to workers. The committee plans to discuss it piecemeal in coming weeks. It hasn’t been filed as legislation yet. The plan would prohibit public employers and labor unions from collective bargaining on issues like wages. It would offer some employees the choice of getting raises, more vacation or overtime, but only if they agree to a less-generous pension plan. Democratic leaders blasted the measure. Labor unions say it goes too far in curbing collective bargaining. Lawmakers questioned the proposed changes Wednesday in light of the Illinois Supreme Court ruling a 2013 pension law unconstitutional.