Governor, AG differ on whether state employees will still get paid without a budget

(AP) – Governor Bruce Rauner is trying to reassure state employees they will continue to be paid for working if there’s no state budget agreement by tomorrow.  A memo obtained by The Associated Press Monday from the governor says administration lawyers are working to make sure paychecks go out when due. But Attorney General Lisa Madigan says Rauner’s plan could hit a legal snag.  She cited a 1991 appellate court ruling that said there can be no paychecks without a budget.  A union lawsuit in 2007 during a budget impasse allowed the state comptroller to make payroll under very limited circumstances. The Democrat-led Legislature and Governor Rauner are locked in a stalemate over a spending plan for the state.  AFSCME Council 31 Executive Director Roberta Lynch says the worst case scenario is that workers stay on the job, while the union would take legal action to get paid on time.  The first fiscal 2016 payroll date is July 15th.