Glen Campbell’s Kids Fighting Wife for Control

Glen Campbell’s Kids Fighting Wife for Control

Glen Campbell’s two oldest children are attempting to get control of his medical and financial decisions away from his wife of 32 years, Kim Campbell.

The children claim that Kim Campbell is keeping their father secluded from the rest of the family which has been prohibited from participating in his care and treatment according to the petition filed. The petition also claims that Kim Campbell has allowed her husband to be interviewed and filmed at the facility, even though his disease has progressed to the point where that is inappropriate.

The petition asks a judge to appoint conservators and a guardian to protect Glen Campbell’s interest who is currently in his late stages of Alzheimer’s disease and living at a Nashville long-term care facility.

Glen Campbell announced in 2011 that he was suffering from Alzheimer’s disease, but he went on to record two new albums and played 150 shows. He also starred in a documentary about life with Alzheimer’s, “Glen Campbell: I’ll Be Me.” Last month, he was nominated for a Grammy for his song “I’m Not Gonna Miss You,” which plays at the conclusion of the documentary. The song also was nominated for an Oscar.

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