Rodney Atkins Releases First Greatest Hit CD

Rodney Atkins Releases First Greatest Hit CD

Rodney Atkins’ first-ever Greatest Hits compilation is in stores this week. The project includes his six Number One hits as well as his new single, “Eat Sleep Love You Repeat.” Rodney Atkins – Greatest Hits is available exclusively at Walmart.

He has released four studio albums so far, the latest being Take A Back Road, which was released in 2011.

The track listing for Rodney Atkins – Greatest Hits is as follows:

  1. “If You’re Going Thru Hell”
  2. “Watching You”
  3. “These Are My People”
  4. “Cleaning This Gun”
  5. “Take A Back Road”
  6. “Farmer’s Daughter”
  7. “It’s America”
  8. “Invisibly Shaken”
  9. “Honesty (Write Me A List”
  10. “He’s Mine”
  11. “About The South”
  12. “Eat Sleep Love You Repeat”

For more information visit the official Rodney Atkins’ website:

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