The Big Game Commercials That Have Us Talking

The Big Game Commercials That Have Us Talking

Last nights game between the Patriots and Seahawks was amazing. It was anybody’s game until the Patriots intercepted a pass in the end zone and ran the clock out for a 28-24 win.

Here is what you need to know in order to stay in the conversation like you watched every single moment:

  • There was a crazy bobbled catch made by Seattle with less than a minute to go. If they would have scored on that play and won, it would have marked multiple times that the Patriots lost the big game due to a miraculous catch.
  • Everyone is shocked that Seattle didn’t run the ball with “Beast Mode” at the end of the game. Marshawn Lynch is a monster, and this is what he does best… Instead, they elected to pass, and through a game ending interception.
  • Tom Brady is the games MVP
  • A Rookie made the game winning interception.
  • Before losing, Seattle had stayed in the game with three big passes to an undrafted rookie (Chris Matthews). His first career catch, was a touchdown in the Super Bowl. He was selling shoes when the Seahawks called him for a tryout.

That should get you in the “water cooler ” conversation. Plus, let’s make sure you don’t miss any of the most talked about commercials from this year’s “Big Game”.

The surprise Breaking Bad sequel:

Liam Neeson Revenge:

Budweiser is pulling at the heart strings with the number 1 rated commercial from the “Big Game”

The story of how superglue can save your marriage:

The Nationwide commercial that has everyone upset:

Highly approved Fiat commercial featuring a little blue pill:

A nice statement from the Coca-Cola brand:

Here’s a story… Of a man named Danny Trejo?

Not sure if I understand it, but people apparently loved it:

And finally McDonald’s Pay with Lovin: