Joker Makes October Record

Most folks who went to the theater this past weekend saw “Joker” who easily won the box office with $93.5 million in its opening weekend. This is the best October Record for an opening weekend so far! We’re betting that Joaquin Phoenix will be up for several awards for this more

This Movie Was The Biggest BOMB

Have you ever thought about what movie went in the hole the MOST? Hollywood Reporter decided to find that out for us… Turns out it was a Disney movie entitled “John Carter” that costed over $360 million to make and promote, but only made about $284 million worldwide. So if you think about it… that…read more

It: Chapter Two Review

So when we checked in last week on’s opinions about It:Chapter Two, it was around a 66% freshness rating, which is a pretty good score for a “horror” movie. The audience score at the time was around 85%. Both have dropped only very slightly since the movie is well into it’s first week. On…read more

Joker Director Likes “All” Joker Versions

You’ve possibly seen the argument on social media- “Who’s the best Joker?” Jack Nicholson, Heath Ledger, Jared Leto; he likes all of the previous versions. In an interview with Variety, he stated quote, “he loved the interpretations of the character that preceded and followed Ledger, specifically those of Nicolson and Leto.” Which Joker is your…read more

Rihanna As Poison Ivy?

So, rumor has it that Rihanna may be the next Poison Ivy… and we’re all about it. Rihanna also mentioned the Batmobile on instagram… could it be? Or maybe catwoman? Either way, we think Rihanna in the new Batman with Robert Pattinson as Batman could be a pretty cool thing. Read more on the story…read more

Reynolds Explains WHY He Voiced Pikachu

So why did Ryan Reynolds decide to voice the super cute, super popular Pokemon in Detective Pikachu? He says that it was for his kids! So that they could finally see one of his movies! I recently got to see the film, and I loved it, of course I’m also a fan of Pokemon. Read…read more

September Movies On The Way

It’s almost September- and probably the most awaited film coming out is IT: Chapter Two… Some of the other movies include: Rambo, Last Blood; Downton Abbey, Abominable, and 21 Bridges. Some scary, some action, and a kids movie for our more