Paranormal Activity: 7… WAIT, 7?

Whether you like the Paranormal Activity movies or not… They’re back again- according to Variety.  For a SEVENTH installment. The films have made $890 worldwide, and #6 was released in 2015. No details on release date, plot, or any other information except the fact, that yes, another one is more

Spider-Man: Far From Home First Reactions says that the early reactions for Far From Home are “glowing”. Which honestly, with Tom Holland in it, how could they not be? “Critics are praising the film for its heart, its sense of humor, (and) its warmth…” AND it sounds like Jake Gyllenhaal who plays Mysterio is also killin it! We can’t wait…read more

Space Jam Adds to Cast

Anthony Davis, Klay Thompson, and Diana Taurasi have been added to the cast for Space Jam 2! The film is set to start filming this summer, with a July 2021 release date! Will they even be able to TOUCH the original? has more on the upcoming second installment of Space more

Avengers: New Footage

Avatar currently holds the global box office record, with $2.788 billion. But could Avengers make a comeback? Avengers is being released with a new after-the-credit scene, hitting theatres on June 28th. But, hey, if you go to see this- you don’t have to worry about missing anything with a bathroom break, cause you’ve already seen…read more

There’s A Petition To Change Endgame

THIS IS YOUR WARNING… If you haven’t seen Avengers yet, here’s your chance to click the back button. Anyway, so fans wish Tony Stark had a better ending (other than sacrificing himself for the sake of humanity).  There is a petition to change Tony Stark’s fate on Endgame… Fans feel like some other characters got…read more

Team… Batman?

Robert Pattinson is officially the newest Batman. The movie is set to release in 2021. Matt Reeves, director, says that it is a “defining” and “very personal” story about Batman. He may be “our new Batman” but he’ll always be “our Edward”. Go here on more on the story from variety.  read more

Aladdin Soars to Top of Box Office

John Wick: Chapter Three sinks down to #2 on the box office charts, while Aladdin of course takes the #1 spot over the four-day weekend. Aladdin did better than expected, making a grand total of $112.7 million. The Rotten Tomatoes score for Aladdin was a 58% freshness rating, but that definitely didn’t seem to put…read more